Saturday, July 24, 2010

Strange and unusual

I made this book for architects in 2007, working for the estate of M.Knight Shayamalan,"Ravenwood".
As is often the case with designers, they brought a specific material that they wanted some how to incorporate into the front and back boards.
Now, there are many ways to communicate a gothic atmosphere or feel, especially around the suggestive name "Ravenwood", and as a binder I would have done it completely differently.
However, sometimes you have to give your client what they want, and work with what your given.
In trying to solve the problem of using the material(feathers glued to fabric), in a way that looks finished,you can learn some stuff along the way too.
The main problem was the thickness of the feathers, and the fact that it was impossible to use as a regular fabric, ie , turning it over the board.So I decided to recess the material.
The next problem was that simply recessing the material, would not solve the problem of the exposed edges of the fabric, which was mainly visible along the top edge, due mainly to how the feathers were mounted, like tiles.
SO, I made a framed split board, holding the mounted took some time, the area of the frame closet to the feathers is unglued which presented its own difficulties.
I'm filing this under a new category "Strange and Unusual", along with the
books hiding a mechanism for a secret door , and  3D book Sculpture in 2008.
Im sure they won't be the last...

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