Friday, June 10, 2011

Designer Bookbinders of America

are you american ??
do you like design binding ??
I am starting a group that in the short term will work towards gathering the work from the most skilled design bookbinders working in america, obtaining a venue and having a show.There is wide and growing support for design bookbinding in America, and many feel that talented book artists do not have enough venues to display and hopefully sell their work.
This in turn leads to a vacuum, a vacuum in which talent is not encouraged or fostered, to the same level as in many other communities.
The long term goal i will not too ostentatiously postulate would be to fill this vacuum with talented binders, regular mentorring and teaching programs, regular exhibits
right now i will settle for coralling a group of agreeable binders together for a show in a great venue, somewhere on the east coast.
I hope that the many of you out there who have voiced concern on these issues and more can get behind this effort and lend us your much needed skills , ideas , and advice.

You can show this support by visiting our new FB page and simply liking us...

I hope all of us in the bookbinding community can get behind this effort, as it serves us all

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

100 years at the NYPL.

Delivering the book today..... 600 or so pages folded, sewn on 3 alum tawed cords, laced into 1/4 sawn oak boards, with dado(recessed) joint, covered in alum tawed calf skin, with calf joint pasted to a recess on the inside boards....with clasps I bought from TALAS , made by Sean Richards .....recessed and mounted onto the boards..

I had a week to make a simple box for the i didnt use any organic materials(no skin), just a heavy duty buckram, lined in laval, but i did include the new lip style, making for a seriously durable clamshell.