Wednesday, March 28, 2012

PDB Apprenticeship program

The incomparable Faith Hale has spent the last year in the bindery with me, and it has been a great experience for both of us.

Faith, after a year, is continuing her education in the field of book arts enrolled on an MFA course at Mills college.

I will be sorry to see her go, and will miss her fastidious efforts for learning of course, but more than that I will miss her continually upbeat vivacity, and good humour which are always necessary qualities at PDB.

The position was advertised on the various lists and of course our facebook page, and I am pleased to announce that Alaska L.McFadden will be PDB's next participant in the program. Alaska is a graduate from Pratt university, and a talented book artist in her own right, operating A Wrecked Tangle Press with Jessica Elsaesser, and having her work already exhibited in a number of national institutions.

You can see her work at....

design work including back pared onlay demos are imminent.......