Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Art of Craftsmnaship Revisited, NYC 2010

LVMH working with students from Parson's school of design, launched a major project to bring attention to some great work that may sometimes go unnoticed by the skilled artisans and craftsmen working under everyones noses in the 21st century city of new york.
Students have followed me and my work on "Wrenching Times", and have created a fashion item based on their experience and interpretation, at the bindery....it sounds a bit garbled, but for now I will post this link to a candid interview which may go a long way to explaining the who, what , and most importantly , the why of paper dragon books.
There will be pics and a show to follow on govenor's island in june.


Friday, March 19, 2010

Box Challenge 2010 - the reckoning......

This year the challenge is to triple last years production.
This is the next thirty, and you can expect to see more inlaying, and scarf-jointed leather techniques, more printing on goatskin such as the rather successfull half-tones, aswell as the usual labour intensive onlays and tooling.....and possibly some linked-spine designs.
Design work should start in earnest at the beginning of april, and next 2 weeks will be taken up making the boxes and completing most of the printing.

I will take this opportunity to draw attention to the fact that the blog has had it's first birthday!
It was began mainly because we were having trouble with the web-site(not updated in the last 3 years), and we primarily needed to be able to show new work.

I have made a concious effort to lay bare as much as possible, my working practices, making them available for those who are interested, in a candid and accessible attitude. Thank you to those who follow and take part for their encouraging support and interest, it is hoped that the information has been useful to some.
I never imagined this to be an re-invention of the wheel, but in it's own humble way it has proven to be successfull with a modest 10,000 views.

 2010 is already off to a great start at paper dragon books, and promises to be chock full of new and interesting work ahead.

Also, after a 3 year hiatus, I will be teaching again at New york city's Center for Book Arts...Islamic binding, monday nights july through september.