Sunday, August 8, 2010

La fete de boites continue....

Yes thats right...more boxes....a selection of the latest includes my 3rd gravity's rainbow,and  a box for a signed Hemingway.

The Hemingway title is stamped, as there were 2 editions(both boxed),and the lower case type was requested for this.

Other than that, all of the boxes since the middle of 2006 are hand-lettered.That is not to say that I have not used plates to stamp onlays..more about that later.I avoid it as much as possible, because it can make the boxes look generic, but in those cases where there is a specific requirement to reproduce particular artwork, it is usefull

Printed onlays with regular and half-tone plates, taken from the dust jackets

1 comment:

Arthur Kim Dodge said...

Who says that you can't tell a book by its cover!
I like to say "Less is more, unless more is more".
In the case of these book boxes with their marvelous printed onlays, I'd say that it's definitely the latter...
Thanks for sharing these :-)