Friday, July 23, 2010

CFDA's Annual Vogue fund

The CFDA and Vogue magazine run an annual competition for young designers within several disciplines working in the industry.The fund is designed to mentor designers that have demonstrated exceptional talent and, "capacity for future distinction".The winners and runners-up are awarded substantial monies for the further development of their work
The candidates must submit a portfolio , or look book showcasing their collection or body of work, which is where we come in .
Since 2006 PDB has made portfolios for the following candidates, finalists , runners-up , and winners..

All work presented challenges, as all the designers quite naturally wanted the book to reflect their work.There was creasing, filling , using silk-screened fabrics , book box constructions with a hollowed out well for a model heart , and complicated recesses for jewelry fashioned from epoch old mammoth bone recovered and sold by inuit tribes, including a book this year , made with buckles and straps.Work ranged from basic case-bindings, to more complicated 3 piece bradel bindings, to full leather bindings.
I would also like to thank Roanne Adams and her team of designers , who worked with me to produce some good work, and hope we can do much more..
We've done a lot more unusual stuff since 2006, but that will be another post....

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