Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Box Challenge - Surface Gilding

I don't seemed appropriate and pretty easy enough to do .
French pale,rosenoble and fine gold.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Box Challenge - results - round 1

As promised
The first batch of 10 from last week
...lots of onlays, tooling, handlettering,a bit of gold work , some eggshell and some printing =
2 days design work
2 days tooling patterns
5 days dying, paring,printing, and applying goatskins
5 days final tooling in gold and foils
...another fitzgerald...I was going for stained glass...

Friday, October 9, 2009

Eggshell panels (part 2)

Having sanded the panel to a smooth glass like finish, you can colour them and finish with a double coat of shellac(sanding inbetween , of course!).This can be then buffed to high gloss, on the book.
I coloured mine just slightly, using red, blue and yellow dyes.
I have worked panels into shapes and curves before, but it is a great deal of work, and requires different prep.,so while some may rightly think the design lazy....expediency is the key to getting the job done.
IE The Great Gatsby.....east egg .....west egg ..... eggshell panels.... job's'a gudden!
The panels are cut on the board chopper, and recessed onto the case, then worked into a pattern of basic lines, black onlays, and a little gold.I apologise for the quality, I literally had minutes to take them.
This is one method of making an eggshell panel.There are others.....
I will be posting the results of the finished boxes , every 2/3 days...
To come...surface gilding.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Box challenge Day 50..D-Day approaches...

So...the first batch will be out this week,and pics will be shown when finished....
It rained all day, while I was tooling, but the weather broke around sunset, and the light came raking in across the park lighting up my own tree silhouettes(more block printing..I will have start something new soon!)I took a picture... the top left corner of the view..It's not a mocking bird but it was out there.... all on its own!!
it was a good day
Part 2 of the eggshell monday