Friday, August 28, 2009

Box challenge DAY 21

...........62 trays cut and covered-31 rounded forms covered in goat split to 0.3, with 31 spine pieces cut-62 boards cut , back-cornered, and sanded-31 covers split to o.75 , cut and pared.
Case making to follow, but somehow I appear to be a week behind!


christina q thomas said...

hi gavin,

this is really fantastic to watch how this project is coming together. i like that you use binder's board for the spines. that is how i learned, and while i see how wood can be a nice alternative, i agree with your reasons for sticking to board.

thanks, by the way, for a comment you left on my blog about a month ago. sorry for the delayed response. i've been spending more time gardening than binding this summer, but i plan to get back to it in full force this fall and to post more on books than on tomatoes and squash!

i'm curious where you learned bookbinding?


Paper Dragon Books said...

in the binders....binderies...