Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Box challenge DAY 1

I got put on the spot, a 2 month deadline to complete 25-30 full leather design clamshells.
Nothing like a bit of pressure...right??
This will be first, a serious test of edition work, and second, a design endurance nightmare.
So...just for added spice, I thought I'd do it in public, detailing most steps, where possible, along the way.

Design conception and execution will be left to me.

.........Bottom tray cutting for double-walled clamshell.The base is cut, then the walls cut and glued together in a step-joint of a board thickness.(all clamshells made at PDB are double-walled,thin walls are useless)
The trays are made, sanded smooth, then the outside is lined, for extra strength and stability.

Next step.....covering.....


Post Editions said...

Good Luck!!

Paper Dragon Books said...

ta..I think I will need it...

Maggie said...

You've definitely got a challenge on your hands, but I have no dout you'll handle it wonderfully - plus, it will be fun to see the progress! I totally understand that when you make it all a little more public it's easier to keep your momentum going through something on this scale - good luck!

Paper Dragon Books said...

that was certainly the idea