Friday, August 14, 2009

Box challenge DAY 10

End of the 1oth day..over 70 trays cut and covered, and lined.
Forms are cut out of scrap board, cut to fit inside the bottom tray.These will be used later in pressing the trays onto the case.
I now cover the forms in an envelope of wax paper to prevent the build-up of hard-to-clean dust and dirt.I don't use wooden blocks as I just prefer to custom cut each form for each box.
A card is wrapped around the bottom tray,again to prevent friction,give "memory" to the walls, so that they dry firm and straight.
Boards were cut, then all was stacked and left to dry.
Some of the boxes are for small items, so the bottoms are "built-up" using a combination of board and foamcore, giving a balance between weight,and structural integrity.
The box for "The Third Man" houses 2 books, the smaller one in a slipcase built-in to the bottom tray, which is made to fit the bigger book, so it can sit in a tray on-top.The lower book can be pulled out with a ribbon.
To come.....board lining, and the hard labour of making the "rounds"...and I've not even touched a piece of goatskin!


Amber said...

wow! you are busy, when you are not(busy) we should talk about a book project...

Paper Dragon Books said...

wanna help me with some design work..
I was going to ask your help with printing anyway??
whats the book project??