Tuesday, December 16, 2008

design on the fly day three

On the third day, having a fully drawn out design on paper, I can tool over the top of it with the single line pallets, and prepare the onlays. This process is ardous and a real workout for the arms, but with determination, it is completed before lunch, and I can relax knowing I can spend the rest of the day arranging onlays on the cover, and play with the design a bit more.
The onlays are cut out and placed on one-by-one, and the design begins to take shape. I'm kind of making it up as I go, the drawing gives some indication of where the colour goes, but you can add or takeaway throughtout the process , changing the design as you change your mind.
When its done its time to turn the lights off, leave the box in the press between plates, go home and get ready for the tooling the next day.

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