Tuesday, December 16, 2008

design on the fly day 4 last day

The last day, is left for the tooling to be completed . The box is removed from the press, and pressed between hotplates, burnished and pastewashed before tooling .
The first task is the title and author, handtooled in gold as per the brief in a 16pt centaur . The gold laid on, lettering tooled and cleaned off .
Next is the bit im not looking forward to, tooling the lines again in black .
This helps seal the onlays, and finish the design.
This takes the rest of the day, and my right arm is glad when its over.....perhaps i could have done fewer lines! Maybe used some gold or palladium , maybe not the used the orange!!???
In the end, it's a good effort for the short timeline...


orchidartist said...

Actually, I like the orange - it's asymmetrically balanced across the spine and adds a dimension of interest. Take your hand and cover it over, then pull your hand back and see what I mean? : )

Amanda said...

Welcome to blog-land! I really enjoyed these posts and have subscribed to your feed. Any chance you might show the tooling process in some more detail, when time permits? (If it ever does!)

Anonymous said...

Very nice. I personally have a copy of "The Truth" by Terry Pratchett that I want re-bind in leather and gold tooling for a friend of mine.