Tuesday, June 7, 2011

100 years at the NYPL.

Delivering the book today..... 600 or so pages folded, sewn on 3 alum tawed cords, laced into 1/4 sawn oak boards, with dado(recessed) joint, covered in alum tawed calf skin, with calf joint pasted to a recess on the inside boards....with clasps I bought from TALAS , made by Sean Richards .....recessed and mounted onto the boards..

I had a week to make a simple box for the library.....so i didnt use any organic materials(no skin), just a heavy duty buckram, lined in laval, but i did include the new lip style, making for a seriously durable clamshell.

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Kiem said...

Love that you dressed for the event.
Thanks for your hard work.