Wednesday, September 8, 2010

El Monstruoso Gigante..

It sounds like a roadside attraction, but no, its a 24 volume encyclopaedia in one volume, made for conceptual artist Vik Muniz

This 4 ft monster , nicknamed "la bestia" by the mastercraftsman, was overcast together 2x2 , had  3 channels pre-sawn into the back for sunk cords, around which were placed 18 thinner cords, which were then laced into a back plate, in order to help it stand straight.

The binding made an appealing shape when on its back, and made me think of rollerdex bindings, and german phone booths, and giant book slinkies.....another one filed under....



hbynoe said...

stunning work!
is it going to be exhibited?

paperdragonbooks said...

its going to be shown somewhere in rio??