Friday, April 9, 2010

North Bennet Street School

A highlight at work yesterday was a visit from Jeff Altepeter(far left),  and the bookbinding students at the North Bennet Street school.These guys have been all over London, and now New York, visiting Bernard Middleton, my old teacher Mark Cockram, Shepherd's, The Morgan Library, The Butler room at Columbia, and the Academy of Medicine in town.
What a truly varied cross-section of Bookbinding life they have seen in the past year....
Not sure how the humble operations at PDB measured up, but as always I did my best to be both honest and generous, which I think is important.
Knowing that the full time course I attended at LCP in London was taught by 4-5 full time bookbinders, Jeff Altepeter can be truly said to be a one man army, undertaking a task like that pretty much single-handed!!!
You'll find a link to the school and its programs on the right.

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