Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Art of Craftsmnaship Revisited, NYC 2010

LVMH working with students from Parson's school of design, launched a major project to bring attention to some great work that may sometimes go unnoticed by the skilled artisans and craftsmen working under everyones noses in the 21st century city of new york.
Students have followed me and my work on "Wrenching Times", and have created a fashion item based on their experience and interpretation, at the bindery....it sounds a bit garbled, but for now I will post this link to a candid interview which may go a long way to explaining the who, what , and most importantly , the why of paper dragon books.
There will be pics and a show to follow on govenor's island in june.



Maggie said...

That's an excellent video! Sounds like an interesting project!

Paper Dragon Books said...

..thanks maggie, it certainly was...more to come...!

Enusan said...

Very neat video. It was fun to get a little peek at the process and the guy behind the finish product.