Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wrenching Times ...flattening vellum I'm not sure if it'll work, so the back up is to use a dyed fair goat...but the plan is to flatten old vellum sheets, print on them with a third plate which will be a famous image from the aftermath of the battle of Gettysburg.
The vellum is bathed in a solution mixed with alcohol to kill off all mold and nastiness.It then can be rinsed, dried, then dyed to suitable colour.
On the vellum skins, usually the side with the writing on is what would be called the "hair side" and the side most suitable for colouring.
I happened to have a hollow frame handy, and nailed the skin tight over the frame.I'm betting that it may take a week to dry.
I did also make a smaller, more finished frame, which consisted of a system of bull dog clips tied to nails.
This worked well and would be a good method for important smaller documents where more care would be needed, but in this i didnt need to be too precious.
Forwarding continues.....


Maggie said...

It seems that, much like everything else you're up to, this will be another beauty!

Paper Dragon Books said...

fingers crossed!