Monday, April 6, 2009

gold tooling demo (warning :explicit material)

ok people, so this one's supposed to be just a bit of fun.Abby, if you're out there, boxes are getting cranked out,I promise.
We took video of this tooling to highlight this particular method in use.
However guys, just because it's bookbinding, doesn't mean its all bach and tweed.
If you can get past the soundtrack, its a good demo(apart from the unnecessary headshots).The video is on youtube, the links are at the bottom, and you'll have to cut and paste it in the finder box, you can also adjust the video quality.
Remember, you can't take yourself seriously all the time-keep it real....

On another note, I've added the ability to subscribe to the blog via e-mail.
Sorry for the bad pic, it's all I had left.


ky said...

i kept the volume WAY WAY up to alert the troops.

grace said...

....doesn't mean its all bach and tweed....I always say it's not all Laura Ashley dresses.

Paper Dragon Books said...