Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Berenger rounding and backing

.........following on , today the spines were glued up in the press.It is wise to use a finger to spread the jade in between the raised cords , taking care not to go over the cords - that way movement in the back is not restricted.
....give it about 10 min , maybe 15 , then we can round them . I started using dowels of different sizes , positioned at the foredge , this will encourage a smooth foredge round when hammering the spine(thanks mark).
Once a sufficient round is acheived , we can drop them into the backing boards .I`m going to do them at the same time in two presses , using a set of Relma boards , and my prototype hybrid (french/english)boards that are made of maple .NB the real ones will be from air dried 1/4 sawn white oak(you know who you are)!
Now , I confess , that yes I use the claw of the hammer.Now before all the conservators get ready to dispatch me ...I roll the flat line from the middle to the end on each side . Trust me , its useful , and helps give you good form , and no it in no way damages the spine of the book .
Then i`m ready for the hammer(the line will also prevent doglegging), from the middle out , both ways , then change sides ...or hands , whichever you are comfortable with.
When i`m done I`ll finish it with a folder , and sharpen up the bands , with my band nippers.
A layer of tissue , in this case , not only helps set the spine , but will also give uniformity and compactness to the bands.
Tomorrow , board attachment and headbands.............

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