Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Box challenge - hunter s. thompson

hand drawn stencils, hand cut, air brushed dyes,
and flicked ink......

i have crossed a threshold....


Toon said...

Hello Gavin,

Second try:.......With great interest I follow your blog. I did see your work using air-brush. I like to do also some experiments with it. Can you give me some informations about the tools(kind of pen,....) you use for using leatherpaint on alcohol base?

Kind regards

Toon Van Camp

Paper dragon books said...

hi toon problem and thanks for your interest
i use an iwata brush, japanese, i use a head that gives me a small diameter, i forget which for the dyes, most of the effective dyes i use are alcohol, or spirit based, the coloring is more effective...however mixing does provide for problems.

Paper dragon books said...